Cat’s Meow
Gather Round, you Jackanapes!
Searching for moxie? Searching for pizzaz? Can't afford the bootleg hooch? Well, 23 skidoo! These dapper flapper dames will have your bee's knees doing the Black Bottom! These jake jaunty Janes would make the Kaiser goofy! Lock up your boys and send your bunny to the market, these debs got gams like Margarat Gorman! What do I have to do to get you into this app? These keen swanky tomatoes will have you balled up 'til Lenin does the Charleston!

I know what you're thinking: "Who's this swanky torpedo trying to take me for a ride?", eh? Think the bank's closed? Ah, applesauce! These baby bearcat berries aren't the bluenosed birds you're used to, no bull. I'm on the up and up, see. The real McCoy! Don't take any wooden nickels! So show those double-crossers out of Tammany Hall you're no pill! Drop a clam on this app, now you're on the trolley!

Get 12 photos of the most ducky gams you’ve ever seen on a Jane -- we've got all the humdingers: Joan Crawford, Louise Brooks, Irene Ware, Audrey Hepburn, and more!


You’ve Seen It in the Headlines.  The tide has risen, the winds have shifted, and a new prohibition has ended the era of “sexy” apps.  Have the bluenoses given all these apps the bum’s rush---or is there still a Gin mill where you can eye a nice chassis?  Come down to our humble speakeasy, where the giggle water flows freely, and so do the dames!

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