The world's first Tower Offense game, control the Mighty DeathTank as it rolls through time and space to harvest Butter from the organisms of Earth.

Construct and upgrade a variety of turrets to pulverize the limitless hoards of the Earth's history!

There are four kinds of turrets, each kind of turret has four levels, including a final Ultimate level with dramatic changes:

• Machine Gun, culminates in the Vulcan Cannon

• Rocket Launcher, culminates in the Missile Storm

• Laser Beam, culminates in the Eye of Horus

• Flamethrower, culminates in the Infernal Dragon

Build 16 unique types of destructive turrets!

Pulverize 32 unique types of enemies!

Travel to eight distinct locales in time and space! Each with a unique flavor, unique music, and new waves of unique enemies!

• Naples, Italy, 1993 AD

• Aonia Planum, Mars, 2096 AD

• Juarez, Mexico, 1985 AD

• Nile Delta, Egypt, 2400 BC

• Yamanashi, Japan, 2010 AD

• Lost City of Atlanta, 3001 AD

• Kingdom of Albion, 1198 AD

• Berlin, Germany, 1945 AD

Successfully complete levels in the Standard game to unlock them for play in Challenge Mode, where you start with more cash, the challenge is amped up, and waves never end!

OpenFeint Enabled!

Get online and compare your scores against your friends with OpenFeint!  This free service lets you compare your performance to other players and track your achievements from within the game. 

Use OpenFeint to:

  1.     Track your scores on global leaderboards

  2.     Earn points for in-game achievements!

  3.     Find friends and share tips in live chatrooms

  4.     Compare scores with your friends

  5.     Find other OpenFeint enabled games


It Fell From the sky
to harvest butter!
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