The World 
is in your hands
Tilt and The World Tilts With you
    Choose from two exciting control modes!  Motion Control allows you to move your barrier just by tilting your iPhone or iPod, and the Earth always stays upright.  For more discreet gameplay, Touch Control allows you to defend Earth by dragging the barrier with your finger.

The Moon was their first target.  It is the year 20X6, the Earth is under siege by mysterious alien forces, and you are the planet’s last line of defense.  Command a barrier made from pieces of the broken Moon, and block the barrage of attacks as long as you can!

Battle a Variety of Foes

Asteroids: These dislodged rocks may seem innocuous, but allow them to strike Earth and they will cause serious damage.

Atomic Bombs:  Thermonuclear bombs cause more damage than asteroids, react quickly to avoid their impact!

Cluster Bombs: Smaller than Atomic bombs, these missiles always travel in packs.  One may not be very destructive, but ignore the whole cluster at your peril.

Drillers: Designed for smashing deep into the Earth’s crust, these pause before reaching the planet and charge up for a burst of speed. 

Antimatter Bombs: The destructive force contained in these weapons is enough to give the Tsar Bomba an inferiority complex.  Due to their huge mass, they orbit the planet as they fall.  Avoid these at all costs!
Arm yourself with upgrades

Command the largest military defense budget in history!  Each missile you destroy scares world leaders into donating to your cause.  Use the funds to buy exciting additions to your arsenal:

Crust Repairs: Nobody’s perfect!  Fill the gaping craters with concrete and pave over your past mistakes.

Bombs: The world’s greatest scientific minds have devised the ultimate defensive weapon, the Orbital Multi-pulse Generator (OMG).  The OMG Device can instantly eliminate any enemy missile in the vicinity of Earth.

Barrier Upgrades: With sufficient funding, additional Moon shielding can be launched into orbit.  Increased shielding is expensive, but vital for survival.

OpenFeint Enabled!

Get online and compare your scores against your friends with OpenFeint!  This free service lets you compare your performance to other players and track your achievements from within the game. 

Use OpenFeint to:

  1.     Track your scores on global leaderboards

  2.     Earn points for in-game achievements!

  3.     Find friends and share tips in live chatrooms

  4.     Compare scores with your friends

  5.     Find other OpenFeint enabled games


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